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Projects, notes and links about finish projects Accessibility Software Alternatives Animations ASCII Astro, to build website with Vue, React and Svelte BIMI Blogging Books Summaries Service Browsers, sail the web without Mosaic Checklist Computer setup Checklists, the tools that ticks Command Line Interface Web Comics General Concepts About Contracts Credits CSS Cascading Style Sheets Databases notes about major products, services, and tooling. Development, notes from SQRD IT Engineering DisplayLink, the good, the bad, the ugly DMARC Docker, the goto container framework Emulators Rules, Principles, Guidelines Estimates, better tools that finger waving Falsehoods User fingerprinting Google Firebase Google Firestore Fonts Development Frameworks Git Go Language, some resources on the programing language Graphics Growth Marketing Hardware, notes from SQRD IT Engineering HTML - Hyper Text Modeling Language HTTP - Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Icons, describing the useful icons sets on the web ID generation IKEA, using the products differently Illustrations, find illustration for your software and services Incremental Static Generation SQRD Notes on information technology, norms, and concepts. Indie Hackers Influence the Internet Invoicing JavaScript, the lingua franca language of the web Programming Languages Macs or Apple computers macOS, the BSD based Mac operating system Macrometa, SaaS database on the edge Mail Markdown Micro Frontend Miscellaneous, there is no better title MySQL, the database with a dolphin bought by an Oracle Next.js, build dynamic and static website with Vercel framework No Code | Low Code NocoDB Nostalgia Notes taking, some thoughts about it Notifications On watch Operating Systems (OS) PC Build Procrastination Promising, we might turn some entries into notes React, html component and functional programming Rust, the speed of C, the security added SaaS environements Apple Safari Browser Search, the concepts, the services Serverless, no you don't need Kubernetes everywhere Services, notes from SQRD IT Engineering Shell Scripts SMS • Short Message Service Softwares, notes from SQRD IT Engineering Internet Connection Speed Test SQLite State While Revalidate Supabase, the Firebase base alternative Svelte, works at build time Tailwind CSS, efficient styling for website and SaaS Text format Todo TXT UX User Experience Vercel, the pricy hosting platform VPN VueJS, pragmatic web framework with a great leaning curve Web Components WebExtensions WebRTC, realtime flow on the web Microsoft Windows Writting Yarn package manager