Turn your digital challenges into new opportunities

Create new touchpoints for your prospects and customers. SQRD develops solutions proposals and implement them efficiently.

Planning of projects

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Merck Serono
Manpower Switzerland
University of Geneva
Altran Suisse SA
Swiss Trading and Shipping Association

Your customers want a quick and seemless digital experience.
They want it now.

Big companies such as Apple, Google or Amazon have flourished by providing customers a great experience.

Now every customer anticipates the swift delivery of products and services, with a seamless user experience.

Delighting the customer
Provide direct answers, tracking and relevent information while collecting the necessary data to continously improve your processes.
Tackle the end-to-end customer experience
Identify on your customer needs, be inclusive. We work hard to make it simple for them. Provide great onboarding flow.
Move quickly
Implementation must be agile. We set a pace on delivering palable improvement to your processes.
Roll in, not out
When possible new processes are rolled in parallel to those existing to progressively migrate. Transitioning gets easier.