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What are the applications of VelveRate?

VelveRate can be used whenever help is needed to accurately and automatically evaluate an object on the market of second-hand.

Its applications include purchase or sale of second-hand products, compensation of destroyed or stolen objects, inventory valuation, revaluation of assets.

Currently, VelveRate motorizes Mac2Sell, which was put in production in the last days of 2020 and provides several tens of thousands of Apple product listings each month.

Two projects based on the same core are under development.

How does VelveRate work?

VelveRate is a concept: using a database oriented graph to catalog all products and produce dimensions with a specialized calculation engine based on automated learning.

VelveRate automatically learns how to adjust the dimensions of each product. VelveRate can be used either in directed learning (DeepLearning, artificial neural network) or in expert mode.

Around this concept were built a constellation of tools to facilitate the intelligence of this database, the transformations, simulations and web publishing.

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Mac2Sell website 2021

VelveRate, history

Impossible to introduce VelveRate without first talking about MacPlus, an adventure that has started in 1997.

Each member of the team used his or her mac to publish the dispatches, write background folders and respond to the reader on the forums. Moreover it was a colorful team of artists, engineers, academics, civil servants.

At one time or another, all of them had the same problem, when he had to change the mac the selling price of the old mac was a matter of debate. Olivier had the idea to create a tool to find the right balance between the price of the old mac and the new one. as for the Argus of automobiles. That's how Mac2Sell was born.

From Mac2Sell to VelveRate

Mac2Sell, the tool that makes macs popular, was launched in 2007.

Meanwhile, Apple kept growing. The iPads arrived in 2010, the Apple Watch in 2015.

The volume of products offered by Apple continues to grow, tracking all products and their respective values has become incrementally difficult. VelveRate was created in response to the need to manage a large product catalog and keep a view on all estimations.

What are the challenges encountered during the development of Mac2Sell?

Mac2Sell has gradually become an available service worldwide. To provide an efficient service, adapted to the need to everyone and everywhere in the world has been a challenge.

Today, ratings are issued in 41 countries and are available inĀ 21 languages.