Migrating from v2 to v3.

The command you need to know

vue add vue-next

Teleport is not a portal-vue implementation. Teleport target cannot exist inside the componements objects tree.

Notes for some of the major dependencies.

vuelidate has a Vue 3 compatible implementation named vuelidate-next. The usage of mixin is now changed. doc

Falling for the composition api

Vue 3 delivered on its promise. While for some while eyeing that new API, I fell for it instantly after writting a few components. I also switch all my components to Typescript and uses Props, Events, State interfaces in a lot of components.

The Hook madness


VueUseWeb used to scan through all the web-standarts that can be used to enhance the user experience on the Vue appwlication.

VueUseUtilities less exhaustive but as some complementary features.

VueComposable ready to use components about event, DOM, date, breakpoints, storage, pagination…


VueCal display and interfact with a calendar.