SQRD is using Vercel to deploy its website as well as Mac2Sell.

In the end, Vercel is an elegant frontend to Amazon Web Services.

We decided to use Vercel with Next.js which is an open-source
product by Vercel.

We faced some major issues while working on Mac2Sell.

Vercel deploys static assets on CDN and functions as Amazon Lambda function. One day we started deploying oversized lambda functions and we were not able to diagnose what was oversizing the assets. There is no diagnostic tooling about that.

Then, while Mac2Sell was in production we ended up wondering if some people were scrapping our website and we discovered we can set up a log drain for function execution but there was no way to get an access_log file to process.

Mac2Sell website is available in around 20+ langues and 20+ countries and deals with 800+ models of computers. In the end this means around 320'000 unique URLs. We hit another limit about the number of URLs served and we could not generate the website staticaly; we had to switch to incremental static generation.