I am keeping on watch a few projects and getting back from to time to time to see how those project evolved.


2022-04-07 AutoMerge offline first, non central, data-structures for collaboration. (woot!)

2022-03-27 Capacitor as a successor to Cordova and an alternative to using Expo with React

2022-01-24 Browsix. Run processes in the browser. Reproduced browser abstraction. Still wondering about its usefullness.

2022-01 Temporal has an elegance on orchestrating services and abstracing away the complexity.

2022-01 PlanetScale is providing a free basic MySQL datbase with the opportunity to scale with decent costs.

2020-09 NocoDB a replacement for AirTable that can be used to administrate backend database and used with webhooks.

2020-11 Budibase provided better experience on building a small application than Microsoft App Builder. Promising but its has been stalling a lot in december, and january 2022 following the launch.

2020-07 Hyperapp does not look so nice from a React or Vue perspective.

2020-03 Tauri could be a good alternative to Electron and enable to build a client for Windows, macOS, iOS and Android. I am waiting for the plugins and the extended APIs.




Nixos a new concept of packaging with the Nix Shell.

Meilisearch for an Elasticsearch replacement and to avoid the memory cost. 2022-01 we have been using this for the last 6 month in production.

Node-RED and http://natto.dev/ visual programmoing

NSQ a realtime distributed messaging plateform.