When building a new application we found the sample templates from postmark published by Postmark provide a good start point. For each template a clear purpose is addresses and there is a good balance of information to include in each message.

caniemail.com for checking support of HTML features.


SPF | Sender Policy Framework

Document the server whom are allowed to send emails on the behalf of your domain. A TXT record is placed on the DNS of the domain following a syntax

DMARC | Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance

Get an aggregated report of your delivery. Later setup up denial of the emails.

Report Analyzer by MX Toolbox.

DKIM | DomainKeys Identified Mail

DomainKeys Identified Mail is based on a private and public key pairings and specifies how to sign an email in order to verify and confirm the legitimacy of a message emitted from your domain.

BIMI | Brand Indicator for Message Identification

BIMI associate a logo with an email domain and enable the display of a check mark next to your domain on webmail providers such as Gmail.

BIMI requires:

  • a trademarked logo
  • VMC, the certificate that verifies your identidy, domain and trademark.