SQRD is created an indie software payables.ch to invoice its customers.

Before SQRD was using Invoice Ninja which in its former version was clear and fast. The last version, Flutter based feels a bit cluncky.

SQRD needed to centralize the invoicing of several SaaS and to accelerate the production of invoices by automating its full cycle. SQRD uses Swiss QR Bill to automate the processing of its payment flows and concerted its swiss customer base to it with no issue (except one customer).

Some small projects standing out

Frappe Books is made by the creator of ERPNext. While on its early release, the local only, clean and simple interface are refreshing. The accounting and the documentation of the entries bring clarity to the relation between invoices and accounting.

Another perspective is ledger. From a simple text file, ledger extracts all the relevant informations, check the balances and produce the reports.

Big players

QuickBooks has all the feature SQRD could imagine to be required.

Fresh Books is a better alternative for small business.

Zoho Invoice is the only software with interesting scripting option to automate invoicing tasks.

In 2021 we found a division between american and european made software.

The american made software include features of payment with credit card of invoices. They lack the ability to accept a small amount cut when receiving bank payment (ie. the customer did not take in the charge the banking fees).