Plant, laptop, red phone
Ideal, perfect desktop, that is not messy.

Dear Owner,

You are probably doing one of the toughest occupation in the world. We wished you knew that three kinds of tools to ease your day and spare you time.

A password manager

If you are using the same browser product (Edge, Chrome or Safari) accross your smartphone and computer we recommand that you enable the synchronisation of password with your profile.

If you are using different browsers, we suggest that you install BitWarden on your smartphones and computers.

A text expander

We use it for all the number we have to type all day. Greetings, tax number, banking coordinates, company phone number.

On Windows we suggest PhraseExpress and on macOS: aText.

A very small Customer relationship manager

If you are working alone using Google Contacts or Apple iCloud Contacts should be enough.